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I have been going to Dr. Booth for 10 years, after leaving a dentist further north in Austin who saw a goldmine in my mouth and tried to get me to crown almost every molar! Dr. Booth didn’t do that – he has been a great, thorough dentist who doesn’t try to convince me to get any extra work done. And the proof is in the pudding – 10 years later those molars I never got crowned are JUST FINE. Dr. Booth also fitted me for a bite guard for nighttime grinding, and it fits like a glove. I also have had the same hygienist there since I began, which is really nice.

I have moved out of state but continue to visit Dr. Booth twice a year when I am back in Austin for business trips. I just can’t find anyone as trustworthy and good where I’ve moved!

~Denise G. via YELP

DR. BOOTH IS THE BEST!!!. I would highly recommend this office!  Yes, it is true! DR. BOOTH IS THE BEST!!!!! I can tell you, that even after working in million dollar dental practice previously for over 8 years, then a smaller practice for 3 years, Dr. Booth beats every dentist I have seen in action. He is very knowledgeable, kind, caring, and does everything in his power to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of in his practice.

I think the true test of any business owner is how they respond to an emergency. I broke my back molar on a night where the office was closed the next day.  Not only did Dr. Booth take my call directly, but he cancelled something he had going on personally to come to the office the next morning and fix the tooth for me himself.  He didn’t just temporarily patch it either, he did a permanent onlay, which is absolutely what was needed. The tooth looks great (can’t even tell anything was done to it, much less that half of it was broken off). Do you want to know what the best part was???  NO PAIN!!! He was amazing and the procedure was pain free, which is really something considering the broken tooth was hurting me prior to the procedure.  This high level of customer service and care is rare in the world today.  I know you are probably saying this is just probably a one time deal, but no…it is not.  You know why?  Because then the next year I chipped my lower front tooth. I was not in pain, but it was scary and I was worried more of the tooth was going to break off and just upset in general based on how unsightly it was.  Again, not only did Dr. Booth come in when the office was closed to help, but he fixed the tooth on the spot permanently.  WOW!!!!!  It was then that I knew he was just a really great guy that really does care about his patients.  I wish there were more of you out there Dr. Booth.  You are the best!  Thank you!! :)

~Melissa Walker via CitySearch

P. S.  Nora, you are also worthy of a special thank you because you are always gentle cleaning my teeth and very thorough.  Thank you for being a great hygienist!

I never write reviews, but wanted to take the time in this case because I would have appreciated this recommendation when I was new in town and searching for a good dentist. I have always been VERY picky about the dentist I choose, and Silver Screen has been top notch since the beginning. I have been going for about 2 years, and I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Booth and the entire staff. The office is comfortable and they are all extremely accommodating. Very friendly and always 100% professional. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

~Laura Sykes via Google+


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